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Onslaught Mixer Rules

General Rules
  • Dates are set in stone. Only exception is if it just-so-happens that a reschedule works out for all parties involved. Otherwise, the team(s) play handicapped or forfeit.
  • There will be 1-2 matches a week, with a minimum of 1-2 days between the matches.
  • First and second round picks *CANNOT* be from your clan. It dosn't matter how bad the player is as this is a mixer after all.
  • If there are 3 or more people from the same clan in a team, one member will be randomly moved to another team.
  • If a known player aliases without letting the captains and admins know, they will be removed from the tournament.
  • No registration, no play. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. The deadline for registration is October 31st, 2005.
  • If you sign up for the mixer, you agree to ablige with the rulings of the Onslaught Mixer admins.
  • Handle all disputes PRIVATELY. Contact Unclean and Nuts via PM/xfire for arbitration. Failure to do this (as in making a post in the general ONS part of ONScentral) may have a undesired affect to the ruling and is frowned upon. (Don't make yourself look like an ass, flames are highly discouraged).
  • Servers are to abide by the settings put out by Unclean/Nuts.
  • If you ready up, you indicate that you accept the server settings as they are set, and will play to completion.
  • Admins have authority to change the rules at any time.
  • And the single, most important rule: HAVE FUN!
Matches consist of 2 maps and a tiebreaker map if necessary. Each map is played twice: once on each side. For example, in Map 1 Team ABC will start on Blue, and Team XYZ will play blue in the next round.

Teams that win before overtime get 2 points, and teams that win in overtime get 1 point. If the points add up to the same amount after the first two maps are each played twice, then the two teams go into the tiebreaker map. This map is only played once, and the winner of the map wins the match.

Map List


Download the Onslaught Mixer 2 Map Pack (68 MB). Note that the map pack does not include the standard maps included with Unreal Tournament 2004.

Server Settings
  • Game Version = 3339, optional 3355
  • Team Size = 6
  • TimeLimit = 10
  • GoalScore = 1
  • MaxPlayers = 12
  • MaxSpectators = 0 (unless agreed upon by both teams)
  • bWeaponStay = true
  • FriendlyFireScale = 0.00
  • bPlayersMustBeReady = true
  • bTournament = true
  • bAllowTrans = false
  • bForceRespawn = false
  • SpawnProtectionTime = 2.00
  • bAllowBehindView = false
  • NetServerMaxTickRate = (Between 30-40)
  • Mutators
    • NoSuperWeapons
    • UTComp 1.6 (NetCode: On, Brightskins: On, Hitsounds: Line of Sight, Warmup: Unlimited) - Download
    • AntiDump 1.2 - Download
If a dispute should arise regarding a match outcome, it is the responsibility of the disputer to present their case to the admins (Unclean and Nuts). Demos are necessary so admins can make a fair judgement. Be sure to include the following information:
  1. Nature of dispute
  2. Time of infraction (if applicable)
  3. Bank account information (kidding)
Note: admins are NOT allowed to settle disputes in games that they played in. For example, if Unclean is in a match that is being disputed, then Nuts has final authority over the match. If both Unclean and Nuts are in a match that is being disputed, then an impartial third party will be elected by both team captains to resolve the issue.

Captain Priorities
  • Have everyone play at least once.
  • Picking your 15 players while abiding to the rules regarding this.
  • Making contact with your players.
  • Setting up a practice schedual.
  • Finding a Ventrilo/TeamSpeak server (shouldn't be hard, if it is contact Nuts or Unclean and we'll get you one).